Another weekend is coming to a close. It was a good weekend but certainly not a great clean eating weekend. My weekend officially started once I left the office on Friday evening. A few errands to run before picking up the kids got me off to a running frenzy. With only about 3 hours to spare before the day care closed and about a million things to do, I mapped it out and tried to get as much done as possible. Returns to make at the outlet stores and then a heavy commute back to my side of town to make more store returns and exchanges after getting the kids.

Once all the errands were run, I was worn out and certainly felt like stopping to grab fast food. I was proud of myself for resisting although the only thing that really kept me from doing it was knowing that I was probably going to eat terribly the rest of the weekend. Nevertheless, Friday’s dinner was a clean turkey taco and the kids had their favorite oatmeal with granola. Saturday turned out to be an unexpected free day for us. We did attend my nephews spring time show and then my sister in law so graciously kept the kids for us since Mike and I were both running a 10K race early Sunday morning. So with our free evening, we went out for Thai food.

This is what you call major carbo loading. Given the fact that I have been running for about three years now, I know better than to thinks those carbs are a necessary part of running success, nevertheless, at the time, it was all I needed to convince myself that it was OK. I am not sure I could even attempt to spell the names of the dishes we ate, so suffice it to say, it was all noodle, beef and veggies goodness and Mike had rice seafood goodness. Sunday morning after not enough sleep the night before, we had a race to run. The day was cloudy rainy and clold. A perfect day for a runner.

Last year, the same race was trecherous due to the heat, so I knew this year would be much better. I ran about an 8:15 pace and I was happy with that. One of the things that I like to do when running is visualize. Since I had eaten all those carbs the night before, I visualized the carbs breaking down into the sugar and distributing the sugar to various locations in my body. FOr instance, on an uphill part of the race, I would think about the sugar and air being sent into my leg sending energy into the earth. I was in a zone.

I felt great and even felt like I ran faster than I actually did. Looking back on it, I probably could have pushed a little harder. Its always difficult to tell on a distance run, what the best approach would be. Its not always the best idea to push your self harder just because you are feeling great and then realize that you are not even half way through the race. Recently I gave up my heart rate monitor and Nike plus pace tracker. It became an obsession for me to where I was unable to run just for the fun of it.

It became a series of calculations rather than having a conversation with my body. I want to enjoy the run completely not being disappointed with what I am doing. I can now guage what mile I am at by what my body is telling me. I know that it takes me just under two miles to get into a groove where my stride levels out and my breathing stabalizes. I also know that at mile 7 or 8 I begin to feel an initial feeling of being tired. Its not enough to stop me, but its at that time that I start to realize that I have been running for quite some time.

This is usually the time for me to kick my visualizations into high gear. At around mile 10 or 11, I may start to feel thirsty. I kno wwhat you are thinkning. “Is she crazy? ”. Nope, I am actually telling the truth.

I drink little sips all along, but I don’t feel a need to drink until far into the run. I don’t get warm until much later than most and I don’t dehydrate very easily. It’s weird. Well, one race down and a few more to go for the season. For the past two years, I have been toying with the idea of training Eli. He has a great stride and he actually enjoys running.

My only hurdle with him would be getting him to slow down. Everything is about speed for him right now. He doesn’t understand the concepts of pacing yourself. Both he and Sky were supposed to run the kids fun run at today’s race, but my sister in law ended up not being able to make it out to the race. He was sorely disappointed, but we did pick up their medals for them anyway, so they seemed OK with that. Well, its back on the clean eating ball for us.

This week, I need to really focus on what’s going on. I have platued at about a 6 pound weight loss. Its really strange. I am guessing its my weekend eating, but I am having a little bit of a hard time believing that. In my past I have been able to lose weight by just exercising and not really changing anything about the way I eat. Now that I have incorporated a full 5 days of disciplined eatings, you would think the weight would still come off.

If I go with the theory that I am truly going to have to give up my cheating weekends in order to get over this hurdle, then I am going to tough it out and do it. I need to wrap my brain around that for a little while though. We will see.

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