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The holidays have ended, and now it’s time for everyone to refocus their energies towards being healthier. I thought long and hard about when to write this post, and I came up with the idea of writing it after some activities had been established. Firstly, the one week detox is essential to get you going in the right direction. I know detoxing has come under some criticism and skepticism, that’s might have something to do with the fact that people thought sweat lodges were a half decent idea. But, my detox is simple, invigorating, and has really propelled me into a positive path. Firstly, let’s face it. Cold, dark, New England winter’s just suck the vitality out of you.

There is a big difference between getting out of work at 5 in the pitch dark and getting out of work at 5 when daylight savings time comes back. Your motivation to do more before sacking out for the evening has a lot to do with the light of day. So naturally, I’ve regressed into a less than ideal routine that I’ve grown not so fond of. So to clean up my mind, cupboard, pallet, and most importantly GI tract; I decided a detox was in order. My detox week involves 95% veggies and a piece or two of fruit to keep me sane. I don’t really workout at all during this week besides a brisk walk and I drink lots of water. The other very important, but also optional item is a detox kit.

This adds a great fiber powder, release tablets, and a hepotocleanse to help with liver detox. My morning starts with a 8 oz of warm water and a half a lemon squeezed into a cup, this helps to move bile from the gal bladder into the liver so it can be utilized. I follow that up with the fiber power mixture and the release tablets. After a half an hour or so, I let the veggie grazing begin and boy do I graze. I eat a lot this week. I eat when I am hungry and I usually prepare food when I’m not hungry. I want to make sure that I have plenty of veggies ready to go this week.

I think my one saving grace was my newly purchased vegetable steamer that really allowed me to make meals interesting after day 4, 5, and 6. In my darkest moments, I turned to some lean protein like egg whites or Chobani Plain yogurt. So there were certainly days that were easier than others. My busy days kept my mind off food. On the rough days, those toxins that are leaving often go kicking and screaming. And day 7 feels like the last euphoric mile of a marathon. Now that it’s over though, I’m ready to go.

I feel like I got the junk out of my gut, frig, cabinets, and thoughts. I am truly looking forward to an amazing 2011. I feel that this past week has helped to propel me forward. Last year at the age of 30 was the year of 2 pack abs. I’ve got four more to expose. Here we go.

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