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Healthy Raw Food: Why Eat Mostly Fruit, Some Veggies The 80/10/10 Way? Healthy raw food for weight lose and improved health and energy: Your first attempt at healthy raw food, may end in disaster. Do not worry, and do not give up! Some of our, Erik and myself, Elyse, first attempts at raw food were awful! But we kept trying because we knew this was the only diet that would save our health. Try many recipes.

Try something that has familiar flavors, like a Chunky Italian un-pasta or un-pizza recipe, for example. Trial, error and patients are the best learning methods. Incorporate one new healthy raw food recipe into your regular diet each day. Keep trying until you feel confident, preparing and eating the foods. Buy raw recipe books or check them out of the library. Have lots of variety.

Your taste buds will need adjusting to the new flavors. Cooked foods are mainly sweet or salty, from white sugar and white salt. Raw veggies, on the other hand, are subtle with a variety of taste including, pungent, astringent sour and natural sodium. Not what you are used to. Fresh fruit is not as sweet as candy. Try dates, they are as sweet as candy if candy is what you crave.

We are beings that originate in the tropics, its obvious, we have no fur to keep warm, we are heat seeking, we wear clothes for warmth and all the food we eat digest to sugar. We as human beings crave sugar. do not overlook or deny your cravings for sugar. Fruit is what you need for your sweet cravings. We need carbs, protein and fat to thrive, Fruit is a complete food source for all 3 -carbs, protein, and fat. -If you eat processed fat like bottled oils, fried foods, nuts, you will get fat.

Just eat fruit and you get all the fat you need without getting fat. -If you eat high protein dead animals, beans, tofu, it will stay in your intestines and spoil 24 to 48 hours to digest, clogging your system. Makes you fat. Just eat fruit, and get all your protein. Fruit digests in as little as 15 minutes. Eliminate constipation.

-If you eat pasta and cakes for your carbs its like eating glue (how does paper mache stick together? thats right, flour and water) coats the walls of your intestines and makes you fat. Just eat fruit, fruit is high in carbs and will not make you fat! Healthy raw food, mostly fruit and some veggies is the perfect diet. Donʻt like veggies much? Eat only your favorite raw veggies.

Do not force yourself. You can also try eating mainly fresh fruits 90% and less vegetables 10% for optimal health and weight lose. We have found that munching on a variety of fruit all day is the best, most satisfying food. Feel a sweet craving coming on? Easily eliminate cookies and cakes from your diet. Replace processed sugar with fruit.

Replace one of your daily meals with a meal of lots of fresh fruit, all you can eat. you will feel so good, have so much energy. Have all you can eat fruit is healthy, high nutrition unlike harmful white sugar and corn syrup. All you want and never feel guilty! Eat fruit alone, or eat fruit in raw vegetable salads. Healthy raw food like chunky mango and cucumber salad.

Both sweet & pungent the best combination of flavors. Mixing fruit with any other foods causes indigestion. Get the truth about eating a 90% fruit diet to stay healthy- high carb low fat read 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug N. Graham. Also check out www. Salt cravings? Stop eating salt, celery is loaded with natural sodium and beneficial nutrients, celery is food, salt is not food it is a processed product.

Chop up small bite size pieces of raw celery into your meals. Celery is crunchy and delicious. Also try green juice and smoothy recipes that contain celery and lemon, for a salty fix. Go slow and make changes gradually. Donʻt ever feel hungry. If you do, reach for something fast, easy.

grab a banana or two or three! Donʻt eat just one apple a day. Reap the benefit, eat several. If your diet is not sweet enough with healthy fruits you may reach for process sugar instead. Just eat enough fruit to satisfy those cravings. Healthy raw food, mostly fruit, high carb, low fat vegan for weight loss, or for just feeling groovy!

How to get started making raw meals with an easy, healthy raw food meal plan. A raw shopping list can help, your next trip to the store. Homemade raw dog food recipes, a guide to better health for your dogs Raw Soup Recipes Are Fast using a Blender, Packed with Green Nutrition Try the raw soup recipes for fast and easy, nutritional rich meals. Best Salsa Recipe And A Raw Tomato Soup Made From This Salsa The best salsa recipe ever from Rick Bayless and a delicious non fat mexican Style tomato soup made using this salsa. Raw Pasta Recipes Satisfy Your Craving, Make Raw Pasta Meals, The Whole Family Raw pasta recipes that are healthy high carb, low fat meals, made in under 10 minutes. Raw Pizza Recipes That Are A Healthy Step Up From The Traditional Chicago Style With these raw pizza recipes you can enjoy the raw version of the Chicago spinach thin crust pizza that is fresh raw and delicious.

Holiday raw recipes help get into the delicious raw version of the holiday spirit, with special raw holiday meals with family.

slimming capsule

slimming pills

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