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Wouldn’t you like to eat healthy food to lose weight? I can tell you I sure would. I’ve gone through several weight loss programs. They all sounded like they would work, after all, why would I try something that sounded like it wouldn’t work? “Duh! ” They did work and I lost the weight but the problem was that I didn’t want to stay on the diet. It just was not satisfying for me. I would miss my favourite foods and when I lost the weight I wanted, I went back to my old self.

Not right away, I gradually eased myself into eating the foods I liked and gained back all my weight. The best foods for weight loss are the foods you like to eat. One of the things I missed eating was eggs. Everyone says they are bad for you, but in moderation they are actually good. They contain protein and protein is good for losing weight. So you can look at eggs as one healthy food to lose weight. Truth be told, there are lots of foods that some label as bad because they contain fats or carbohydrates but without fats and carbohydrates we would starve. So we have to look at the good versus the bad.

An avocado for example is high in fat, yet there are diets that include avocado. I guess the high fat is actually good fat. Which is another example of the best foods for weight loss can be something that some diets consider bad because of the high fat content. Some foods can help you increase your metabolism which burns off calories. These are also some of the best foods for weight loss that you can include. Dairy products like low fat cheeses as well as low fat yogurt or frozen yogurt, which I personally love, are not only healthy food to lose weight, but can also ward off other health issues like osteoporosis to name one. Do you have to stop going out to Restaurant? Not on your life.

Just order the right foods. For example, when I go to a well know restaurant that sounds like Lenny’s for breakfast, I order my eggs with “whole wheat toast” instead of white and save a couple hundred calories. I’ve gotten so used to whole wheat toast that I now prefer it over white. I feel white toast tastes bland now. How about Lunch? I order a burger, whether chicken or beef, and tell them to hold the bun or replace it with a bed of lettuce and a big slice of tomato. All you have to do is learn what is healthy food to lose weight and you will be on the road to a long lasting healthy and fit life. And remember that the best foods for weight loss are the foods you like to eat.

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