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Since a long time, many people have tried to lose weight safely with many different ways. Now, there is an easy and simple way to be followed, known as cereal diet. Consuming cereal twice a day (during breakfast and lunch or at breakfast and dinner) can reduce your weight. For more effective results, cereal consumption must be low in sugar and calories. Many experts believe that besides can lose weight, cereal diet also provide vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain healthy. This time, the cereal has become a food that many people like it for breakfast. A good cereal for diet should contain high fiber, but low in sugar and calories. Recent research by Mattes from Purdue University in 2002 mentions that eating cereal for diet can reduce body weight and fat by substituting  calories intake around 530 -700 calories with 100-200 calories per day.

He also said that the cereal diet would be more effective if you consume more than one brand of cereal. Of course it must be low in sugar and calories. Preferably, you also add the vegetables, fruits and milk as additional food. This will make our cereal diet becomes more varied and you will not quickly become bored because continually eating cereal for losing weight. How about your usual favorite’s drink? Yes, you may drink it except alcohol that need to be avoided as long as you on cereal diet There are few things that you should know about losing weight through cereal diet, such as portion size and meals. In the kitchen, lot of bowl have size that larger than a single serving size. Of course, this is related with portion size which you use for the serving of cereal that would be eaten.

You should pay attention to things like that. Usually, people are successful with cereal diet always pay attention to how they eat other meals and reduce meals portions or replacing them with healthier foods and nutritious. Primary key in the success of the diet is correctly control the intake of calories and sugar, but keep your intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for maintain healthy. Losing weight safely by breakfast cereal every day is a good choice because it can reduce a few pounds in just one or two weeks. This does not mean that you may only eating cereal at any time. Adding other meals such as vegetables and fruits as we have already explained above can help you lose weight more quickly rather than just by eating cereal. So, it’s not a bad idea if you are trying to lose weight with cereal diet. There are some important things that could be attention for you if you interesting on cereal diet, especially if cereal that you eat is the cereal produced by the factory which has expired period.

An example is the special K, besides having a high content of nutrients that are good for health, also has high-fructose corn syrup. This is of course conflict with the principle of cereal diet which emphasizes low sugar levels. The point is adding some calorie and sugar should come from the consumption of vegetables and fruits to cereals. Therefore, some people believe that the cereal are eaten should be our own making. But, the other people said that it is okay that you buy prepackaged cereal for diet. On cereal diet, eating cereal twice a day to lose weight does not mean that you should skip dinner. You should keep eating three times a day. At dinner, you may consume common food that you like.

For better results, those foods should be containing many nutrients, vitamins and low in calories. Many people have a busy day, they need a lot of energy to perform their jobs. This is often become problem for people who diet which they don’t have a lot of energy. Therefore, choosing the right cereals that contain high fiber and protein for diet is necessary in order to the body get enough energy to work as usual. Choosing the correct cereal for breakfast and lunch is the main key for maintain healthy, especially if you are diabetic which must control the insulin level. After 14 days on cereal diet, there should be the addition of fruit to cereals at the breakfast. This will add vitamins to the body. What fruit can be added?

Of course, that must be low in sugar and calorie, also have good taste and nutritious, such as strawberry and melon. After one month, cereal consumption should only be done only once a day, that is when someone’s breakfast. Actually, cereal diet teaches you the healthy habits of eating food which have many nutrient, vitamins and minerals. It will be easier to control your weight if you have a healthier eating habit. That’s why cereal diet becomes a good choice for you to start.

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